Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mothers day Special!

I have been fortunate to have experienced motherhood for more than six years now, undergoing kaleidoscope of emotions, while nurturing shwas kids. Experiencing love in all the moments when they do little things for me: from saying a simple hello, to giving hugs when i had a rough day, to calling me when i am not well, to sharing all their family and school stories; experiencing fear when all the what ifs hover in my mind: 'what if they are not disciplined', 'what if they will be distracted', 'what if they would fail in their exams', 'what if they would want to be in a relationship at this age' and many more what ifs; experiencing anger when they don't want to study or do not overcome addiction of tobacco,experiencing enthusiasm when I motivate and inspire them to aspire and work hard to achieve their goals and realize the purpose of their lives.
I would have totally missed out on experiencing such a great feeling, had i not met them . Since the day, the idea of shwas was conceived, it has had special place in my heart. It has helped me look at the world differently, with a more compassionate, forgiving and moral lens. It teaches me to be less self-centered and makes me more loving, caring and patient!

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