Friday, June 3, 2011

God sent you specially to be my little Brothers :)

Each and every minute spent with you guys makes me feel wonderful being your sista :)Sure we do have a karma connection, just not an ancestory one!

The heritage discoveries, photography,Bhojus poses n wii game fun, mid-nite secret sharing sessions, the wednesday meditation and circle of sharing, Crazy courier packing job, angry bird fun, Fast n furious, Pulling each others leg, amdavad vs pune score board, Bhojus lazy-neva-so-positive attitude for our Thol-lake plans, Parthus ever ready-steady-to-move out attitude, locking-siddhis i phone n not knowing how to unlock the same, ur full on foodie mode, ur concerns n advice on me getting married;), our discussions over Cunningness of generations, bhojus open-hearted confessions besides Narmada, our long drives n my not-so-good driving (haha), sharing benefits of strolling n being silent n listening ;),listening to videos of some 'fav' ppl over and over again - gona stay in our (twins) hearts forever.

YOU are great and i wish u get even Greater :)
May you achieve what ever you aspire! Stay happy.Stay Inspired.

Much Love and smiles,
Your ELDER sister :P

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